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Kinda funny the twists and turns life takes....

Well, a few weeks ago I was toasting to many more years of happiness with my housemates, now I have upgraded  to a new place.  I really hate change, but as soon as I moved I could see how much better off I am here.  Not that it was bad before but.... I  have a bigger room and bathroom and a walk-in closet, a nice view out the window.  And more importantly I am surround by people who have the same morals and  values, the same ideals about parenting and love.

 My old housemates and I had lots and lots of fun, because their was alot of denial on their part  and of course the little issue of how to handle the fact that their daughter was doing the nasty with my guy while I was still living with him, and lied to all of us for a long time about it.  My girlfriend and her husband asked me to come live with them when I decided to leave my guy last year, they did not believe at the time their daughter could be mean enough to play friend to my face and be sleeping at my house behind my back.  Then the truth came out.  I told my friend on numerous occasions "I don't know how you can be friends with me when I hate your daughter as much as I do." (actually the statements were more colorful than that.) She would just say "well, I can."  Wow. Brave or brutal? I don't know.  As long as we ignored the daughter, we were all perfect roommates, never having a disagreement about anything.  I had hoped, that someday my friend would realize that as a mother, it is her responsibility to tell her offspring, no matter how old, when they are making a mistake, when they are hurting themselves or others.  My friend refused to do this, because she believed her daughter didn't care and would cut contact with her if she tried.  She would rather have a superficial friendship with her than risk upsetting her.  She would rather let her daughter crash into another horrible mistake and let her be punished by the next person she seriously wronged then confront her.  I tried over and over to get her to be honest to no avail.  I have to say I find that baffaling and terribly sad.  I never made it a secret that I was furious,-WHO WOULDN'T BE??- and that I wanted and expected to someday look her in the eye and get closure, to see if she was actually as soulless as she seemed to be.  I sent a scathing message to her, telling her again someday I would see her face to face. She's too much of a coward to face me, I guess she thinks I'm gonna beat the snot out of her.  I'm not interested in a fistfight, that's ridiculous!  Besides, she like a foot taller and 50 lbs heaver that I   Apparently I scared the doodles out of her, and she called her Mom to cry, claiming I had taken her place in her mothers life.  She's right, it did look that way,  I too wondered if she really loves her daughter, she gave up on her.  As a mother I find that so tragic.  My friend has admitted she is famous for bury her problems rather than dealing with them, and she does.  I don't know how she can live that way, she is hurting so many more people that just herself, but that is her choice.  I truly think the daughter needs or will soon need a place to live,  and has no where else to go because she had problems keeping  relationships/friendships, like her mother.   So, she had her husband tell me to move, and I did, I moved right down the street.  Well, if she moves back to my hometown the chances of us running into each other are pretty good.  I believe that my friends meltdown and change of heart toward me had less to do with her loving her daughter, and more to do with the fact her husband and I became the best of friends and were spening more time together than they did.  She told me the whole year I lived there, go ahead, she trusts me, go out and have fun with him, and after saying no, that I didnt think it was appropriate, I finally gave up and did.  Only about a month passed, I could feel the tension from her though she insisted she was fine. In hindsight I realized she would never admit it to me, she was jealous, I cant say I blame her for being jealous, however, she should not have been pushing him on me like that.  She does not like exercise, or staying up past 10, or see dramatic movies at the theater etc.. etc.. The fact is, he is a young man, 16 years younger, and we just had more in common than they did.  Of all the things I will miss the late night conversations with him the most... he told me I will always be family to him, and even though it's better for his relationship that I stay away, I hope he follows his own advice, "Look at the things in your life that are holding you back, get rid of the things that stop you from being the best person you can be." 
Another day another A....  School is going very well! I am soooo pleased!
I planted an Avocado seed 4 years ago and OMG it FLOWERED this year!! I am so shocked! The apple tree I planted as a seed is taller than I am now.  I also planted a garden with my Mom that is so pretty!  All the flowers are doing amazing, everything is starting to bloom.  AND I finally found and purchased a particular lavender rosebush I have been looking for for about a million years, It's first flower is just about to open:) 
We went shopping at Nordstrom the other day, it was a lot of fun, next time I hope to have more money.
I might be making a lot more money real soon, *cross your fingers*
We have a Vegas trip planned coming up!
I have met some new friends dubbed the queen and the princess... lol, we went out the other night, listened to live music, and had a great time. I just wish they didn't live so far away.
My dad is gonna teach me to surf this summer! Woo Hoo!!



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