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What have I been up to....? Well lets see....
***I have been to Vegas
 -yeah baby!- It was superb.  I shared a room with a close family friend, got to go to the nightclub Coyote Ugly at the New York New York hotel (yep, like the movie) and was invited to dance on the bar!  Upside the doorman gave me a free ticket to get in and the place was packed, downside  -at least for me- was that being invited to dance on the bar included  free shots they pour directly into your mouth  and since I went there solo I couldn't drink much,  it was hard to turn it away but I did a good job:)  I also played some games I have not played in a longgggg time.  Craps and Roulette.   I had forgotten how much FUN craps is! .  No, I didn't win big, but as usual, I didn't loose it all either.
***Ive been dancing and to karaoke a few times -Always a blast!-
***A couple of movies including both the Deathnote and Bleach flicks.
***Some great dinner parties with a surprisingly large group I've joined of anime lovers.
***I got a 97% in my last class!  WOO HOO!!!! If I would have known I was gonna ace it, I would not have taken the credit no credit option... DAMN!  Oh well, an A is an A!  School starts again June 23...*sigh*
***4 awesome birthday parties
***I have gotten to spend time with both my grandmothers, dining, shopping and movies.
***Hanging out regularly again with my bestest gal pals including my mom, sis, niece and Gma.
***I saw my niece graduate!
***I helped my sis move -whew, was that really hard!-
***Working - Which has been really good lately, and yes, I did get a sizable boost in income!-
***I am attempting friendship with my ex now, though we only see each other about once every couple weeks.
***I have been planning out the novel that has been in my head for a while now and am pleased  with it.  I do so love to write.  I have been working on a song too, but probably wont post it here because of it's risque content:)
***I have made somewhere around 30 new friends through my sis and her guy's network and the social group I have joined.
***And here's irony for you---  the three I talk to most are named Christine, Christine, and Christina.... ack....  Why  do they have to share a name with the trashy trollop????  Am I any less mad now? Nope, probably more.  It is true what they say... You can find ANYTHING on the internet!  I found a group of people that have shall we say share an intense dislike of her single-minded selfishness for their own reasons, and being a uniquely creative person has it's advantages.  *snicker*  I don't think she has moved back to my hometown, I have been looking. 
***I went to the dentist -it was less than enjoyable, but  it went well all things considered.- YAY! 
***I am still looking for a new home for my tristis monitor, enclosure is 5 1/2 T by 40 W by 48 L.  I have a lead, but I won't know for a few weeks yet if it's official.  If anyone has a lead let me know! I'd like to move her ASAP. 

Anyway, it has been an interesting and fast paced few months!
Cia peeps, and don't let the vampires bite!

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