little_flower_e (little_flower_e) wrote,

"Trying" is to fail with honor. Do it or don't. It's as simple as that.

It's been so long since I have sat down and written anything poetic, (not counting the christmas cards I sent out  in 2006)  Pen in hand, here is what spilled out.  Hope you all enjoy it.


The horse died long ago, yet I still hold the bridle,
I wait for it's breath while my heart and life idle.

When the horse was alive it told dreams twin to mine,
I believed in those dreams of a love intertwined.

I wait on with the hope that its spirit's nearby,
bones slowly revealed while I silently cry.

I chase away muses who would pick clean the carcass,
My heart with it's back to the death in the darkness.

Promises made that the horse could not keep,
eyes closed to the truth though faint logic does scream.

So long I have waited, I felt that I must,
as the bones before me all crumble to dust.

I have to accept my beloved horse died, 
bridle released, I'm still alive.
Walk away, I am ready to thrive. 

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