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My elderly companion/charge was cross most of the 48 hours I spent at her house.  I think I heard her say "I don't give a damn" in a snide tone about 150 times.  I made a promise to her husband Fred, who very recently passed away that I would watch over her and care for her to the best of my ability until my services were no longer needed.  I will keep that promise.  Fred was an INCREDIBLE human being, I love him very much and fully expect him to be one of the first to greet me on the other side when its my time to go.

The college placement test went great.  I did make some stupid mistakes, but still feel I did rather well in spite of them.  I met some really cool people at the school that day too, they gave me a personal in as far as my orientation goes.  They are going to wave the mandatory  2 1/2 hour group orientation and instead I will get a private session to discuss my aptitude and choice of classes for summer.  Sooo COOL!

Dentist appointment went really well considering what a giant chicken I am (ever seen a chicken the size of a skyscraper?  look my direction when you mention the dentist!)  The dentist was accommodating in every way, and promised me after the first appointment I would not be as terrified to come back. (I have 2 appointments this month)  I believe him, but it's the 1st appointment thats scaring the s*** outta me!  
I have 2 birthday parties, a concert, and a 24 hour shift with my lovely elderly companion all before my appointment next thursday to keep me from dwelling on it and giving myself heart failure.  I am actually going to have a serious amount of fun so if I never come out of the anesthetic I am going to go out with a bang!  hahahaha, JK, freaking out.... ya know?

My new housemates happily surprise me constantly with their generosity, rearranging their lives and living space to show me love even though I have not asked them to do so.  They even leave me treats and lovely notes!  I am completely blessed.  I am anxious to get my life under control so I can spend some time, energy, and money returning the MANY MANY favors.  There are plenty of things I can think of to do for them that can begin to express my gratitude.  I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, off for now, gotta help my sis work on party clothes! -------,---'---,--<@

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