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O my GOSH! Am I really sitting down?

lol... I can't tell... everything hurts...I have been going non-stop all day/evening, the move out of my ex's place was an undertaking... I have too much crap. It's completely official I am single and on my own for the first time in sooooo long! Feels better than I thought it would:) I also saw abs on parade aka (the movie 300) last night and all I can say is Mmmmmm, I'm lucky to be blessed with great vision! Well, that and the fact that the whole Spartan blood letting thing had me so pumped I really got an amazing amount of physical labor accomplished. I feel so tuff... ROOOOAR!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I met with my college counselor and she helped me choose my classes, this too I have not done in such a long time but I am very happy with the goals I have set and can’t wait to start.

I got a message about the wish I made… I get to be psyched about that for a little while longer because confirmation will not be till next week.

My parents (who are also some of my very best friends) invited me to a mini vacation and you better believe I am going! 
have so much to look forward to!
………Which is good because though everything is moved my surroundings are a disastrous pit! I still have sooo much work cut out for me, Ah well… Guess a girl can’t have it all, at least not all at once…lol. One more swig of ice cold beer, need to get the grit out of my hair, and I’m off to dreamland. Tomorrow is game day and a bunch of peeps are coming over, no work for me! YaY! Ok… I truly can’t stand the disastrous pit… maybe I’ll do some work when the party’s over, I actually hope I’m not feeling inspired….*smirk*


Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
Abs & bloodshed , What more could a girl want? :)
ROFL! Nummy is a great word but may be an understatement!

The only items still remaining are a PC chair, one large piece of wood and some large framed pictures in the garage as far as I know. He said I could leave those items there for awhile if I wanted to. It’s minor stuff that won‘t affect the perspective tenants he chooses to sub-rent to.

It is sooooo nice to have my dresser again! All my furniture just barely fits in my boudoir... It’s perfect.:)

Sorry we didn’t get to see ya for D&D. Our lady was really unwell. Later that night she was feeing much better. I went with the Lord & Lady of the castle to see Happy Feet at the theater. They had never seen it, and though I had, I missed a bit of the movie the first time because I was intoxicated. It was really great to see it again. It’s a really wonderful movie and I adore the soundtrack. I think I’ll be buying that one.

I was wondering if you could help me with a dilemma..... I can see the different pictures I add from my gallery when I respond to posts, but can’t see the pictures I post with my original journal entries. Do you know what I need to change so that I can see them?
*hug!* See you soon! Flower -----,-’--,-<@
Oh, and let me know if you need someone to check on the status of your “friends” availability....lol
Apr. 4th, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
Re: Abs & bloodshed , What more could a girl want? :)
My friend has not responded to my text of "what's the appartment number again? T?" so I have a feeling he may still be attached. *shrugs* We'll see.

Glad Deb's better. Wow you were busy on Saturday though. That's really not much that's still there. It's cool that he doesn't mind it hanging out there.

Happy Feet is a good flick. I just want to see "Meet the Robinsons" now.
Apr. 7th, 2007 07:07 am (UTC)
Re: Meet the Robinsons doesn’t sound familiar…
I’ll have to look it up. We just got Happy Feet and the mini series The Lost Room on dvd. It was very interesting.
Well, who knows what the guy is thinking, could be attached… could be playing hard to get…. If you need me, ya know where to find me!
Apr. 4th, 2007 06:04 am (UTC)
Re: Abs & bloodshed , What more could a girl want? :)
As for the images things... well... those pictures show up depending on your formatting. If your journal format uses a standard picture and doesn't actually show pictures for each entry as well...well, there isn't much that can be done except creating a new layout that allows you to do that.

However, when I see your journal posts I do see different pics for each entry so I know they work and you're changing them according to mood/fancy.



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