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My vacation was AWESOME!

The package deal for the tournament was even cheaper than I thought it would be. It cost $199.00 to sign up, then you get a room for 3 nights, free food, free gifts, $100.00 cash back when you get there, and another $50.00 on your players card to gamble with. The plane ticket was $100.30.... CHEAP! There is always free booze but I didn’t feel like drinking on this trip. I had one beer and a handful of baileys coffees the entire trip. It was nice to be sober and enjoy everything to the fullest. My folks drank a heck of a lot more than I did….lol

Shortly after we arrived I won show tickets in the players club with the daily free spin. I forgot my card so I waited nearly an hour in line. The guy behind me was in the same tournament, we chatted while waiting. He had to pick up his wife at the airport so when we got to the front of the line I let him go first. The gal behind me said I won tickets cause it was a nice thing I did for him. J I chose Coasters, Drifters & Platters tickets. I had always wanted to see that show. It was great!

The tournament was 3 rounds in which the score is totaled. The first round was not so good for me with about 7100 points. Second round was only about 8200, both pretty low scores. That’s when I had to break out the big luck guns… Shelly, my lucky blue shell. With Shelly in my pocket I did extremely well, 17899 points my third round. Thanks Shelly!!! I figured I MIGHT come in at the very tail end of the 20 winning places.

I played blackjack with my mum and Anna on Monday . Blackjack is a chatty game, we met some nice people at our table. As it turned out, one of the guys at our table jokingly said he was here for a geek convention, I told him I was a wannabe geek too, I am learning D&D. He said he had a clothing booth and invited me to come to the Gama Trade show (Game manufactures Association). He told me if I showed up at the door and said I left my badge in his booth I could come in and look around and get some neat free stuff. How cool is that? The next day after my tournament round I put my little self on the monorail and went to Bally’s to see if I could get in. It was really hard to figure out where to go, it is a big hotel and the convention took up 4 areas. I fibbed my way in at the door and they took me to Doug’s booth, he gave me a badge and told me I was a store owner…lol. They had lots of D&D dice, new games, anime figures, these great weapons and swords and more. Doug and Alan’s booth was the best though. I got to model the productJ Thanks guys! It was a blast!

The tournament banquet was superb, it was called the spring fling and decorated to the hilt with flowers. The food was delicious. After dinner they announced the winners starting with 20th place. When they got to 16, I was sure I had not won anything. To my total SHOCK they called my name when they got to # 11!!!!! -my birth date- Yaaaahoooooo! The director John Jackson came over later to congratulate me. We had talked before the dinner, he was making jokes about how I cheated to get that last good score. He said he knew I had won money but he couldn’t tell me…lol. He remembered me from the tournament last year. He calls me lizard-girlJ He is very nice, even though I don‘t gamble enough to be invited to these tournaments (they are by invitation only) he said to give him a call anytime I wanted to join one. I’m sure I will!

I also entered a blackjack tournament. I didn’t place, I didn’t play very smart. It was my first time. Oh well. There was a free buffet ticket when entering, so it was only $12.00 to play. I played roulette with Anna, and again with Doug and Alan the last night. The money went up and down. Everywhere I played I left a little ahead with the exception of blackjack. On the last day I won a $200.00 jackpot on a slot machine. I usually come home with a fair amount of the money I took with me, but this time I nearly tripled my money! That’s after I bought clothes, jewelry, a book and other items. This was a wonderful trip, I hope I get to do it again next year!
I'll post pic's when I get around to it.
Spread the love kids!
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