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Flowers die without water..... unless they are fake.

I’m so busy now I don’t have time to think, it’s greatJ

I was at the beach on Saturday. OMG I MISS IT!!!!!!! What I wouldn’t do to live there again. Not that I don’t love my housemates, but………….. I love the smell, the way my hair gets thick in the salty air, the warmth even though there is a breeze, the sound of the waves. Home, the only place I have ever truly felt it. I used to go out drinking, after the parties were over, I’d go down to the beach in the pitch blackness, and walk into the surf in my clothes. I’d get about chest deep and let the swell lift me over the breaking surf. The peace I found out there alone, in the roar of the waves, in the cold, total darkness was like no other I have ever known. For some reason, though it could have on many many occasions, the sea never took my life. It was always gentle, always let me walk away when I was ready to leave. The memories of those nights are very special to me. I don’t believe I would tempt fate that way now, but the sea, she is and always will be one of my closest friends.

School is NOT how I thought it would be, the teacher made us turn to the person next to us in the first 5 minutes of class and gave us 10 minutes to get to know them well enough to introduce them to the class and talk about who they are. My new friend is a very tall young blond by the name of Sean, wouldn’t THAT just figure? He is very nice and totally unpretentious, we are now “study buddies“….lol I nearly fainted trying to give his introduction, but he thought I did a good jobJ I was very pleased with the introduction he did for me. Back to school tomorrow, I just finished my homework.

I went to a karaoke bar with a new group, they were a riot. Gaaaa………!, They got me up on stage to sing. Ok maybe the kettle got me up on stage to sing. Earth, Wind and Fire ROCK! (well, maybe not when I’m singin’ it) It was a really good time. I needed to get home, but everybody else wanted breakfast, so Denny’s here we come! I was feeling very nostalgic so I had a banana split. (a favorite after party treat in my younger years) I’m not sure if it was a good or bad idea to eat a bowl of sugar at 3 am. Those were extremely some funny peeps, we laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Haven’t laughed like that in quite a long time. They wanted to do it again tonight, but I had to say go without me. Priorities…. School… then fun. Maybe Friday.

Well, better try and sleep, I’m sure the teacher will have us do something that will throw my comfort level out the window again! Mistress Ocean, give me strength! Lol!

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