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Well…. I got a new bed, this one is soooo much better. I’m comfortable, but unfortunately still not sleeping very well. Only had it 2 days so maybe time will help. It is sooo tall it is hard to get into, I love itJ 
Everyone around here has been really tired, not just me, though the sleeping issues are all my own.

I had lunch with my son, my mom, and our friend yesterday which is always a pleasure.  Got some new great smelling beauty stuff too.
We were suppose to have D&D tonight but nobody could make it, I’m bummed. I absolutely ♥love♥ my character, she is a nasty little dwarf named Slurpette. I can’t wait for Eric to play with us, I know he is gonna love my rude, vertically challenged, little beastie of a girl.  Muahahahaha!

I should be doing homework right now but I really don’t want to. I have to finish perfecting my oral presentation, which will be given right before the final. Wow that class flew by. Thank goodness martial arts has no mandatory homework. I wish I had time to take pottery, and also a kickboxing class I was invited to, but I just don’t have the time, never mind dating. Oh well. 
The class I've taken gave me a lot of insight into what I may want to peruse as a future career, but the actual material was not laid out in what I would consider an orderly fashion, I am still very confused about the mountain of information given. I have doubts about how I will do on the final, but I got A’s on all the homework so it’s anybody’s guess what my end grade will be. Amazingly, I am actually popular in school for the first time,....ever. ***happy dance*** I really like it. 
Bah, can't put homework off forever,


Jun. 15th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC)
My mom, popular in school? That's pretty rad. I also gotta say, I'm glad everytime you post I see you listening to some form of music, it's definitely something that needs to be present in everyones life, and Queensryche of course, rocks pretty hard.




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