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I wish......

Well, class is over for a short while, good thing, I need the break. The days between classes are crammed with things that need to be finished unfortunately, I’ll miss going out to boogie for awhile, it‘s not really a REAL break. My oral presentation went very well, now I just need to wait on the score of the final. The field of majors in the running have definitely been narrowed down, I know what I will have to do in order to transfer to a university if I so choose. Cool.  That class flew by, I hope the rest that follow do so as quickly.

And…. A little poetry.

♥ ♥ Just two at just 2

Stirred beyond the witching hour,
Blindfolded in the dark,
Journey on to parts unknown,
At the beach or in a park,

Silence but the creatures night,
Bare skin caressed upon cool breeze,
Anticipate the lover’s heat,
The chill will bring one to their knees,

Heightened senses wait for more,
Finally a feather touch, 
Sensation roars to life within,
Can’t believe it feels so much,

Empty mind, all fades away,
Frogs and crickets disappear,
Senses flood to overflow,
Gentle sighs are all to hear,

Softly rise,
And tender fall,
In this moment,
Take it all.

Spreading heat engulfs the soul,
Time and space will be no more, 
Floating free, so safe and loved,
The heart is now an open door.♥


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