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Just pluggin along

I was in a car accident this week, no I’m not hurt. Just a bent steel bumper and a couple dents. The lady who hit me said she was dozing at the stoplight behind me and her foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas. People, let this be a lesson to you,**Don’t doze and drive.** I wonder if she was telling the truth, she hit me harder than I would have expected if she had been stopped behind me. I didn’t even see her there. My bumper has been ordered, the insurance is paying for it and a rental car. Just one more thing to get done. Woo Hoo.

It’s funny…. The only time I feel really good these days is at my job as a caretaker. I can put everything else aside and think only of this tiny little woman who needs me so much. I like to pretend she is the Queen and I am her personal handmaiden, she is so appreciative of the things I do for her, so gracious in her thanks to me. Making her happy makes me happy. She has dementia, and forgets short term memories, she gets very nervous about things, especially when we are going places like the hairdresser, because I‘m sure she feels like she should know what’s going on, but somehow doesn’t. She asks ever few minutes, “Where are we going honey?” in this nervous voice. That must be a very scary feeling. When we get back to her house she asks where we are, she still remembers her previous house as home, not this one. The last few weeks have been awesome though, lately she is easily letting me do some of the things that were a screaming battle before…. like tooth brushing. I’m going back to stay with her in a couple hours, but I got a poke from a friend who noticed my absence on the journal and prompted me to post :) *hug*

My other job is still a management nightmare. It sort-of feels like they might be testing me for a promotion but I don’t want it. That would mean salary and they abuse the salaried employees in this company. No thanks! School is going well, My mom is taking a class with me. We talk about a lot of stuff in this class that appears to have nothing to do with the class itself, but I am learning a little something.

I’ve been going out with my roommates once a week too. We found a cool computerized horseracing game where 8-10 people can race against each other. This game is at 2 different locations in my town, one place cheaper and geared for kids, the other expensive and geared toward adults with a full bar. You get to pick 2 horses from a long list, breed them to get your own baby horse, train it, and race it. It prints to a card and you can come back later and continue it’s progress or even go to the other location. After 20 races, the computer starts asking if you want to retire your horse and breed it. Last night I retired my horse, I believe she has 32 races and 11 wins. Funny but I feel kind of sad about retiring her. Fun game.
Take care of yourselves everybody.
There is always something that needs to be done, oh well, guess I better go do it.

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