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GREAT movie -**Across the Universe**

Well, I’m not in trouble at work. I’m also not the only one who is stuck in the scheduling fiasco. I showed up for work the other day and I was told I wasn’t on the schedule. Well, I was on the one in the break room which the employees check, but not the one the managers look at? Hmmmm.... I decided to stay and shop instead, a few hours later the manager spotted me and asked me if I’d like to work, I told him I did when I showed up, but I was shopping now. They had no staff except managers. So odd. He has been very nice to me lately.

I am avoiding homework. I really need to do some, but OMG I can’t seem to force myself to it. Oh well. Gotta leave soon for my 48 hour shift. I’ll have to do it on Tuesday before school. Schools are closed due to the CA wildfires till Sunday.(so far) Send your wishes & prayers to the hundreds who lost their homes, I know I am.

I was up till 4 AM last night. The upstairs neighbors had a B-day party/Halloween party that was pretty crazy. I should have gone up and joined them but I was in the middle of a really good book. (Laurel K. Hamilton sexy vampire series) It sounded like they were having a hippopotamus bowling competition. I heard girls in the bushes by my window speaking in foreign languages (possibly drunkese), I heard partiers puking, and I hope like heck it wasn’t peeing near my window I thought I heard. The sprinklers came on at 1:00am and there was much shrieking....lol
I am tired, but life goes on. Better get to it.

If you haven’t seen Across the Universe, you should. We loved it, what a great movie.


Jan. 4th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)
Re: hey!!

Yep, I'll be at AX! I wish it was not in LA though, I’m in south orange county. Maybe I can carpool with someone. Here is hoping to have a smaller/cooler costume, I was dying in the heat.

I worked black Friday too. It was…. An experience to say the least…lol. I actually put in my notice at the retail job yesterday. Need to concentrate on school a bit more and that’s not easy working 2 jobs. You work at fry’s?? OooOooooOooooo! Now that would be a cool place to work if you are into electronics! I am just about to buy a camera with my xmas money, I think I’m getting a pretty great deal.
Take care, work hard, make money!
C U @ AX! :)



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